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Table tennis

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Messages from the Games Ambassadors

Badminton:FUJII Mizuki

  • Badminton:Mizuki Fujii
  • 【Massage】

    Welcome, everyone, to Japan, and to Tokyo.

    I am so glad to see all of you at the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2015!

    I am Mizuki Fujii and I am delighted to be able to participate in this event as an Exchange Games Ambassador.

    After winning a silver medal at the London Olympics, I have been away from Japan to participate in the German Badminton League. This is the first time I have lived overseas, but the first thing I had a problem with was the language barrier.

    Even so, what I experienced was that by coming into close contact with German people through badminton, I gradually came to get along well with them, and before I knew it I was making friends and was able to enjoy friendly conversations with them.

    People from many countries in Asia gather for this event. Through badminton, I would like very much for you to have exchanges with as many people as you can, become friends with everyone, understand each others’ culture, and return home with a great asset that will enrich your future life.

    Along with all of you, I also want to go about deepening my exchanges in a very positive way! Although the five days of this event is a short period of time, I look forward to meeting you and wish you every success in your matches.

  • 【Profile】

    In high school days of Aomori Yamada, captured women triple crowns in team, single and doubles at the interscholastic athletic competition of 2006 for the first time in 25 years.Selected as a national player for London Olympics in 2012 and captured silver medal in doubles.In 2014, signed on with Lüdinghausen of Bundesliga in Germany.

Table tennis:FUJII Hiroko

  • Table tennis:Hiroko Fujii
  • 【Massage】

    I would like to offer a warmhearted welcome to all the competitors and officials who have come to Tokyo to participate in the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2015.

    I am looking forward with great pleasure to meeting all the junior sportsmen and sportswomen from Asian cities, who are likely to play a great part in the world in the future.

    I hope that the competitors representing each city will display all their strengths and will raise their sports abilities through strong clashes of power against power. Then, when the matches are over, I also wish that you will deepen your mutual friendships.

    During the time when I was an active table tennis player, I also engaged in mutually amicable rivalry with overseas players with whom I had had exchanges during junior events, and was able to enjoy friendly companionships with them outside of competitive sports meetings. This has been a great asset to me and I am still continuing my exchanges with the friends I made at that time. I will be very happy indeed if all the competitors participating in these Exchange Games will broaden their circle of friendship and think of this as something that will help to enrich your future life.

    I will be absolutely delighted to meet all the participants of these Exchange Games once again at the Tokyo Olympics. I strongly anticipate that all of you will take the opportunity of these Exchange Games to bring about a further leveling-up of your competitive abilities.

    Lastly, I offer my deepest appreciation to everyone who has worked so terribly hard to organize this event and for doing me the honor of allowing me to participate as an Exchange Games Ambassador for the second time, continuing on from last year. I wish you all a very successful Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2015.

  • 【Profile】

    She won Doubles titles 4 times consecutively and came in 2nd in Singles for 3 times at the Japan National Table Tennis Championships. In addition, she won bronze medals at the World Team Table Tennis Championships in 2008 and 2010. At the World Table Tennis Championships, she placed in the top 8 in 2011 and 2013 in Doubles.